Child Safety

Finger Alert 110°

Prevents fingers from getting pinched between the door and doorframe by using the Finger Alert door finger guards! The Finger Alert 110º is a quick and child safe solution to cover gaps between doorframes and doors. 

These door strips fit all doors and frames because of the transparent material. Cover door openings of doors that open up to 110° easily with these transparent finger door guards. Happy fingers with Finger Alert! Also have a look at Arte Viva’s professional solution for kindergartens and schools, the Finger Alert 170-180° Professional.

  • for doors opening up to 110°
  • Tested for 250.000 opening and closing movements
  • Easy to install matches any color
  • TUV certified ,
  • Manufactured In Europe

Finger Alert 170-180° Professional

The Finger Alert 170-180° Professional is specially designed for schools, kindergartens and public buildings as sustainable door protection. This professional door strip eliminates the risk that inattentive children get their fingers stuck between the door on the hinge side.

This professional door finger protector absorbs the heaviest blows and lasts for years. Along with our other solutions, such as the Finger Alert Door Blocker and Finger Alert Door Stopper, you create a carefree environment for children where they can play safely.

  • For doors opening up to 180°
  • Tested for 250.000 opening and closing movements
  • Easy to install Available in White color
  • TUV certified 
  • Manufactured In Europe

Finger Alert Door Stopper

Fix doors temporarily with this cute red foot. The Finger Alert Door Stopper keeps the door from slamming and prevents painful and serious injuries to the fingers of children.

This door stopper is part of the complete finger protection for doors. Create a child-friendly environment with the products of Arte Viva!

  • fix doors easily
  • quick to install
  • fun design
  • suitable for kindergartens and schools

Finger Alert Door Blocker

The Finger Alert Door Blocker is a simple but effective solution against finger entrapment. Make doors safer by attaching this door blocker over the door handle. Turn the door buffer in horizontal position and prevent a door from closing. Close the door by turning the hand in a vertical position.

This finger protection for doors is easy to install, saving you a lot of time and accidents. This cheerful hand against finger entrapment is the ideal complement for child-proofing doors.

  • prevents slamming of doors
  • easy installation with 3M tape
  • cheerful design
  • fix between 160-180 cm height
  • made of EVA foam

Corner Guard Table

You want to protect children from sharp corners on a table? The Corner Guard Table is a simple solution to prevent injuries from falling or bumping into tables creating a child safe table with round corners. 

Mount these table corners easily with 3M tape on plastic, glass, wooden and metal tables. Both consumers and professionals create a child safe environment by installing the Corner Guard corner bumpers on sharp-edged tables.

  • child safe table corner
  • mount on plastic, glass, wood and metal
  • easy fix
  • avoid injuries from falling or crashing
  • corner protection for tables

Foam Edge & Corner Protectors

Foam Edge & Corner Protectors provide protection from the sharp edges in your home. Use on table tops, under counter, bookcases etc. attach with heavy duty double sided tape to ensure maximum protection for your little ones.

Soft, cushiony protection for hard, sharp corners and edges

  • Now available in various colours, design and sizes

Corner Guard Deluxe

A collission with a sharp angle or edge can have serious consequences for children. The robust material of the Corner Guard Deluxe absorbes the heaviest crashes allowing children to come of well from an accident.

These colorful corner protectors are designed for schools, kindergartens and playgrounds to shield sharp corners or edges, both inside and outside. In an environment where children are playing we have an accident waiting to happen, therefore Corner Guard protectors are essential.

  • for schools, kindergartens and playgrounds
  • indoor and outdoor use
  • joyful colors
  • robust and shock absorbing
  • easy to install

Corner Guard Deluxe Pencil

The playful design of the Corner Guard Deluxe Pencil makes this corner protector a true eye-catcher. This weatherproof pencil is the ideal corner protection for schools, kindergartens and playgrounds.


  • A fall against a sharp edge or corner easily results in a visit to the doctor. Avoid nasty injuries by protecting dangerous corners and edges with the Corner Guard Pencil.
  • for schools, kindergartens and playgrounds
  • use indoor and outdoor
  • playful design
  • protects corners and edges
  • quick installation

Corner Guard Industrial

Heavy crashes in parking areas and warehouses are absorbed by the sturdy Corner Guard Industrial with an integrated aluminum plate.

The reflective marking on the corner protector makes this Corner Guard Industrial visible in a dark environment. The internal aluminum layer provides additional protection on the corner where the industrial protection is mounted, avoiding serious damage to vehicles or the environment.

  • robust and reflecting
  • industrial corner protection
  • avoid severe damage
  • indoor and outdoor
  • easy to mount

Window Alert

The window protection of Arte Viva is a simple solution to limiting the opening of the window, so that children cannot climb or fall through the it. The Window Alert window protection makes the house safe for children and secures the house against any burglary. 

The Window Alert has two enclosures with lock. The spring on the plate keeps the Window Alert in place. Secure the window by closing the covers and remove the key. With this protection, the window can only be opened 10 cm. Remove the safeguard to open the window completely.

  • keep children inside
  • keep burglars outside
  • limits window opening
  • easy installation
  • fits all windows

Safe Coat Hook

The Arte Viva ‘Safe Coat Hook’ is a child-proof hook. The hook is made of flexible material so children will not have any head injuries when they bump into the coat rack.

This hook is characterized by its child-friendly design; The puzzle pieces have different bright colors and can be labeled with a (name) sticker. The hooks make the hanging of coats fun and safe for children making them essential for childcare centers, nurseries, elementary    •  schools and even homes!
   •  child-proof coat hook
   •  fun for children
   •  for kindergartens and schools
   •  colorful puzzle pieces
   •  easy to install


Anti slip Stickers

The colored Anti-slip Steps of Arte Viva prevent slipping on slippery floors or stairs.

Children are often busy playing, and thus, not recognizing hazards. Running over a wet floor can therefore end in a nasty fall. ArteViva’s anti-slip stickers feature a robust coating that provides grip to prevent accidents. The colored feet create a safer environment and also function as a mark on the floor and stairs. The anti-slip feet are playful and stimulate the attention of children.

  • playful feet
  • prevent slipping and falling
  • paste and ready
  • promotes to sit on toilet
  • robust anti slip
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